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Edge Hill launches reimagined Centre for Social Responsibility

Edge Hill launches reimagined Centre for Social Responsibility

Edge Hill University will launch its new Centre for Social Responsibility Research (CSR) at a special lunchtime event bringing together leading academics and researchers.

Originally established in 2013, and currently known as the Institute for Social Responsibility (ISR), the reimagined CSR will critically examine ideas of social responsibility across the social sciences, health and social care, and the arts, and humanities.

The Centre will also act as a hub to coordinate and support research, bringing together academics, practitioners, and the wider public through a range of seminars, workshops, and lectures.

The public launch event takes place at Edge Hill University on 12 July at 1pm. Attendees will have the chance to hear about the aims of the centre and meet academics, researchers and practitioners who supported the work of ISR or are new members of the centre. Visit the event page to register your interest.

The centre’s new Director Dr Victoria Foster said:

“The newly reimagined CSR will creatively explore complex social issues and promote equality and social justice locally, nationally and internationally. We are aiming to shape the debate around pressing issues such as what makes a good society, a flourishing economy, a successful town or city, and how to enhance life chances for young people.

“We have already started the process of understanding what social responsibility means to those living and working in our local towns which include Ormskirk, Skelmersdale, Wigan, and beyond. Our discussions have revealed how many diverse approaches and views exist and the need for a space to discuss them.”

There will also be a talk from the keynote speaker, and one of CSR’s most enthusiastic contributors and patrons, Professor Victor Merriman, who will explore ideas about human flourishing and ethical social responsibility.

To achieve its ambitious aims the CSR will work closely with a range of influential local partners, including the Bluecoat Arts Centre, Everton in the Community, 4Wings, the National Institute for Health and Care Research and the Sefton Council for Voluntary Service.

To discover more about Edge Hill’s courses, please visit here.

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