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First Intuition expands its portfolio of training programmes by launching Digital Finance and Data Analytics courses

Digital technologies and data analytics courses

The award-winning accountancy training provider has added two new courses to its portfolio of training programmes for accountants and finance professionals. Digital Finance Essentials and Data Analytics in Finance will join First Intuition’s range of Post-Qualification Education programmes designed to help accountants to keep their knowledge and skills current and relevant.

The finance sector is being impacted by technological change in a number of powerful ways and the use of digital technologies is becoming as much a part of the toolkit of an accountant as spreadsheets, reconciliations and consolidations. This in turn is affecting the skills that accountants need to possess, both technical and soft. 

The new courses offer an opportunity for accountancy and finance professionals to increase their knowledge, develop broader skills, and understand how technology can create value for their organisations. From auditors to business advisors, and from management accountants to business finance partners, no one can ignore the implications of these changes.

New digital technologies such as automation, AI, data analytics and apps that connect to accounting software are becoming increasingly critical for accounting and finance professionals. Finance roles and functions now incorporate a magnitude of new digital products, finance-related software, and novel forms of digital-based customer communication and interaction.

Chief Executive of First Intuition, Gareth John, comments

“It is clear that automation, AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, data analytics and data visualisation, aren’t replacing human ability but are amplifying human ability allowing accountants to add more value and to have more impact. These technologies are dramatically changing the roles that finance professionals play and the skills they need.”

First Intuition has designed and developed ‘finance-flavoured’ programmes to help accounting and finance professionals gain a better understanding of the digital technologies which are relevant to the finance world. As well as the impact they are having on the business environment and how the finance professional can provide insight and impactful support for business decision-making.

Details of the new courses are below:

Digital Finance Essentials

This programme will help to create a level of essential knowledge and understanding of the key digital finance trends affecting the finance sector and the technologies enabling the shift. It will introduce the key concepts, terms, techniques and roles as well as looking at the emerging digital assets and liabilities affecting business. Attendees will cover the impact of digital transformation and specifically topics such as automation, AI, crypto-currency, data analytics, data visualisation and cyber-security.

Data Analytics in Finance

This programme will enable participants to understand how data analytics can transform an organisation and the services it offers as well as how you can enhance your data translation skills. It will cover key areas including the types of analytics, their relevance in the modern finance world, data visualisation and communication, data analytics skills and roles, plus data security and ethics.

For further information or to book onto any of First Intuition’s Digital Technology courses please email Louisa Matheson, Digital Programme Manager at [email protected] or visit First Intuition’s website.

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