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Gain a qualification, not debt with London Learning Consortium

  • Did you know that students graduating in England in 2022 will have accrued on average 45,150 British pounds worth of debt?
  • A student loan takes an average of 29 years and 4 months to pay off with the average debt being just under £48k in England.
  • Meanwhile, apprenticeships offer the chance to earn whilst you learn and you graduate with no debt. 

When it comes to studying or gaining a qualification, it is often more common to head down the traditional route of University. However, with different options for Apprenticeships and an increase in the variety of subjects and levels available; apprenticeships are becoming increasingly valuable. 

Whilst university is great for those that learn best by lectures, books and other traditional methods, apprenticeships take the learning and put it into practice in the real world. Once finishing your apprenticeship you will also find it easier to get into employment as you will already have experience. 

Influencer and Apprenticeship Advocate, Shakira James describes how an apprenticeship has benefitted her in all aspects of life. “For me, an apprenticeship was the best decision I have ever made. Growing up my family didn’t have the extra money to help me with university which is just one reason why I decided the best option was for me to earn whilst I learnt. Since passing my apprenticeship I have been able to set up my own side business and use my expertise to grow my own blog!” 

“I believe that Apprenticeships are so beneficial, even more so now with the current cost-of-living crisis we have in the UK. A lot of young people are having to help their families with household bills and you just can’t do that when at university.” 

London Learning Consortium offers a range of different apprenticeships:

If you are already employed, the process is easier and quicker as you won’t need to go through the recruitment process. 

If you are interested in an apprenticeship the benefits are endless, here are a few of them:

  • Gain hands-on experience in an industry that excites you!
  • Many different support systems 
  • Student discount 
  • Improve your employability 
  • Gain skills that you will only learn in a workplace
  • Build a network of contacts
  • You can still claim some benefits whilst being an apprentice!

Plus many more!

At LLC, apprentices can benefit from all of the above plus amazing safeguarding and mental health pastoral support from the dedicated apprenticeship team. 

If you are a young person and are interested in completing an apprenticeship with LLC then find out more here.

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