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Genius Group announces the winner of the 5-Day Impact Investor Challenge

Munkhjargal Jamsranjav, otherwise known as Moogie, has been announced as the winner of this year’s GeniusU 5-Day Impact Investor Challenge. A teacher of 30 years, living in Germany, Moogie joined GeniusU to learn how to invest to become financially independent.

The free online global challenge, hosted on edtech platform GeniusU, is aimed at all levels of investors, from complete novices to passive investors with basic investment knowledge and even active seasoned investors with an investment portfolio. The course shared advice on global shares and currencies, property, cryptocurrencies and commodities and how to build an investor 5.0 portfolio.

Moogie joined the Investor 5.0 course from GeniusU in April 2021, and she has spent the past year studying and perfecting her investment skills. She realised that she was working for money, but her money was not working for her, so she decided to take charge of her future by learning how to invest.

Hosted by Roger James Hamilton, who is a futurist, entrepreneur and founder of Genius Group, together with a global group of investing experts, course participants learn essential Investor 5.0 skills to build a strong investment portfolio plan while connecting to a global retail investor community.  At the end of the course, attendees can submit their investment plans to have the chance of winning $50K in prizes, including $3K cash or crypto, membership to the Genius Crystal Circle Mentoring Group, and access to the Genius Accelerator Programme.

Moogie commented on her win:

“I am new to investing and am completely shocked to have won the 5-Day Impact Investor Challenge. This has given me the confidence to put my plan into action and I hope to be financially independent in two years’ time. My yearly goals are Euro 50k this year, Euro 150k next year, and Euro 250k in two years. My ultimate goal is to be financially independent within two years.

“I want to encourage everyone to try the Challenge for themselves. The mentors on this course, including Roger James Hamilton, Marcus de Maria and Mark Robinson, have completely changed my mindset.  I started with zero and now I am breaking free of the 9-5 and investing in stocks and shares and also in property.”

Moogie has seen some brilliant returns from her plan so far with low-risk investments gaining 12% -20% returns per year, medium risk seeing 30% – 60% returns per year, and high risk gaining 50% -150% returns per year.

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