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Graduate Coach slashes the price of their interview course from £249 to £100 in response to research showing that 85% of graduates struggle with interviews

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New research shows that 85% of graduates are hopeless at interviews pointing to one of the main reasons why 48% of graduates don’t land a graduate level job after university.

The research backs up data published by Graduate Coach who, in 2019, polled 1500 CV Library members and revealed poor interviewing skills as one of the three main aspects of the recruitment process that graduates struggle with, the other two being ‘determining what job they should do’ and ‘writing an effective CV’.

Steve Doyle Director at Four stars digital recruitment:

“I interview grads every week and I would say that nowadays every grad has a good academic CV but they certainly need more help than ever in presenting themselves well in interviews”

The challenging job application process will soon be a reality for many recent graduates. Due to the growth in social media and job application platforms, companies can reach a larger pool of qualified applicants making it more difficult to stand out. GC has estimated that, on average, there are 230 applicants per vacancy.

Graduate Coach founder Chris Davies said: 

“Once upon a time, the number of graduates applying for a job equaled the number of job vacancies. Not any more. Nowadays, employers receive an estimated 650 applicants for every graduate job advertised. With so much competition, it has become crucial that graduates master the art of being successful in an interview.” 

In efforts to help the increasing number of graduates struggling to secure jobs post graduation, Graduate Coach is offering a hefty discount on their interviewing course “Nail that interview”. By slashing the price of one of their interviewing skills services they are allowing resources to be available at accessible rates. 

Originally priced at £249, the service will be available for just £100 now accessible on their website. The promotion anticipates collaborating with other platforms to reach a larger pool of struggling graduates.

The course is made up of modules and covers every facet of the interviewing process making it ideal for the varying skill levels of individuals. It’s a valuable tool available at a crucial moment for a lot of final year students and graduates who have yet to land themselves a job.

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