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How to successfully clear the NEBOSH IGC exam?

Hello Learners!

Today we are going to discuss some tips from our experienced learners who have cleared the exam with more score on the first attempt itself.

Start your preparation right now!

To start off with, if you want to clear your exam without wasting your time then it is recommended that you should start preparing as early as possible (in other words, start preparing now). In order to help you out with the preparation, we are here with some valuable tips that will surely guide you towards success.

Choose proper ways to save time for your study!

By choosing a good learning partner, you will not face any hurdle in the preparation process because all the resources and tools are available for the candidates who want to clear their exams, like NEBOSH books, tutorials, free e-books, free online study materials, and many more. You don’t need to waste your time and money on any other resources because the materials provided by NEBOSH are enough for the candidate to complete their exams on the first attempt successfully.

While the NEBOSH IGC is assumed to be one of the most difficult exams, it is actually one of the easiest but trickiest exams if you are able to prepare well for future workplace challenges. You could pass the exam on the first attempt if you are able to prepare yourself properly with guidance from a recognised learning partner, using good study materials as mentioned earlier.

Prefer NEBOSH materials:

Your daily schedule can be one of the major hindrances in the preparation process as you don’t have the time to complete all your objectives which results in last minute preparations and panic. You can eliminate unnecessary or irrelevant materials while preparing for your exam so that you can make effective use of your time and prepare your materials for the best. It is difficult to focus your mind in the absence of the best study materials and a proper schedule, so you must be strong and determined to achieve your goals, and you will be able to make the right decisions.

Invigilated Paper-based Exam vs OBE:

When compared to traditional (paper-based) exams, the NEBOSH IGC open book exam (OBE) is now easier to pass if you go through workplace scenarios with proper understanding of concepts and their correct implementation with asked questions using technical points/keywords according to allotted marks/number of words with respect to each question.

OBE will take out a series of tasks using evidence from the scenario, as well as the underpinning information you have gained via your training and study, whereas paper-based exams will solely test on the technical content you have received during training.

Glance through the steps of NEBOSH IGC Preparation:

  • Choose your mode of study (online or offline) as per your convenience.
  • Attend all the sessions your trainer conducts, including webinars, on a regular basis
  • Take help from your trainer for your preparation.
  • Study the NEBOSH syllabus along with the question pattern
  • Gather the NEBOSH IGC Exam question papers
  • The exam papers you solve (NEBOSH IGC) must have been done in the same way that they are given in the exam hall
  • Start preparation according to the schedule

NEBOSH IGC materials (model questions) from a recognized learning partner answer all the sections and important topics covered in the NEBOSH IGC exam. These resources will assist you in achieving a high score on the exam.

As OBE questions are not direct, you must demonstrate analytical, evaluation, and creative skills, as well as critical thinking, in order to pass.


Prepare yourself to

  • Prepare yourself to answer scenario-based questions/ Answer scenarios that you have not dealt or known about
  • Research, evaluate, and analyze.
  • Create a list of university, government, or any reliable websites for easy references before commencement of exam/ Wikipedia links could only be used for references
  • Relate the materials you learn to your workplace, dream job, etc.
  • Practice Answering OBE questions while studying
  • Apply the concepts and not the exact notes you obtain from the internet, books, etc. Copying, cutting and pasting information from text book or online resources will not provide you with a good answer
  • Keep your notes prepared that could be referred to during your actual exam
  • Read the given scenarios well and understand them before attending to the questions and make a note of all the key points from the scenario. Try to relate those given scenarios to real-life situations
  • Read and understand the questions well before starting your answers
  • Attempt and Answer all the questions
  • Ensure your responses to the questions are based on the given scenarios
  • Do not exaggerate the scenarios
  • Present the organization’s actual situations (both positive and negative aspects).
  • Make sure your answers have enough depth and width (technical information and sufficient information provide to obtain the given mark). For example if the question carry 6 marks, there should be a minimum of six points to cover the width and enough technical information/evidence from the scenario to cover the depth to obtain good marks.
  • Avoid evasion and provide a direct response.
  • Make your answers precise with a few paragraphs and, if possible, a heading for each para
  • Try to analyse and evaluate situations and present solutions to the problems you have mentioned earlier accordingly
  • Do not seek assistance or discussion from others.
  • Revise your answers
  • Upload your answer script on time


Part I- Prepare yourself

  • To complete your work within 150-200 words
  • A general description of the organization’s name, location, number of workers, and activities must be written
  • Prepare to write about the hazards you have observed in the workplace and solutions. The hazards that you present must be real
  • The assessment must include details like name, location, number of employees in the organisation routine work, shifts, products manufactured, services, activities undertaken, time of risk assessment, what hazards were identified and how, members met during hazard identification and risk assessment, and your recommendations for control measures or mitigation solutions like training, supervision, etc.

Note: The suggested word count must be 150 -200 words

For Part-II, prepare yourself to write about:

  • Hazard type and hazard
  • Who might be harmed and how due to the identified hazard
  • What measures have already been taken?
  • What further controls/actions are required?
  • Timescales for those actions to be completed
  • Who is responsible for those tasks?

Note: The suggested word count must be 150 – 200 words

For Part III, prepare yourself to,

  • Produce three hazards that require immediate action
  • Justify those three selections as to why they should be given priority
  • Moral and financial arguments for all actions are mandatory.

Note: The suggested word count must be

Moral and Financial arguments: 350-450 words


100-150 words on specific legal arguments

Likelihood and severity: 75-100 words

For Part IV,

  • Review
  • Communicate
  • Check

General tips:

  • Prepare for the exam with a learning partner rather than studying on your own
  • Create a study plan for yourself
  • Gather all the required resources
  • Make your own notes
  • Practice more and more
  • Develop problem-solving skills in the future workplace


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