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Infermedica Launches New Modules, Bringing AI-Driven Medical Guidance Platform to Life 

Infermedica – a leading digital health company, specializing in AI-powered solutions for symptom analysis and patient triage – today announces the launch of its Medical Guidance Platform, with new modules and features designed to support the entire patient-care journey. The Medical Guidance Platform leverages the powerful clinically-validated technology behind Infermedica’s successful symptom checker tool, and aims to provide personalized patient care from first symptoms to post-visit communication and treatment. In collaboration with its customers and partners, including Allianz, HonorHealth, Optum, Microsoft, LifeMD, Global Excel, Gothaer, and Sana Kliniken, Infermedica’s solutions have been used by over 10 million people globally to triage patients to the right level of care.   

However, Infermedica’s work to address the many challenges faced by healthcare is just beginning. It is estimated that up to five billion people will not have access to basic healthcare by 2030. Provider shortages and burnout are the primary causes and both are increasing at alarming rates. Through its technology, Infermedica aims to support the entire patient-care journey — from Intake, to Triage, and coming soon, Follow-Up — and apply its clinical intelligence to the rapidly-changing needs of physicians, nurses, technicians, medical assistants, and other frontline health workers facing job dissatisfaction and burnout worldwide. 

“Our mission is to ease the strain on global healthcare systems and make healthcare more accessible, convenient and affordable. By automating certain administrative tasks within the primary care journey, we can streamline the experience for patients and allow clinicians to focus on providing the highest quality care. The Medical Guidance Platform is the first step to achieving our vision of truly human-centric healthcare,” said Piotr Orzechowski, Founder and CEO of Infermedica.

Built upon Infermedica’s proprietary Intelligent Core and implemented through a flexible API gateway or ready-to-use modules, the Medical Guidance Platform enables healthcare organizations to create custom, interoperable solutions that meet their health system’s unique needs, and includes three modules:

  • Infermedica Triage – covers early analysis of patient symptoms, intelligent interview, and calculation of triage level
  • Infermedica Intake – enables pre-visit patient intake and data collection to enhance medical consultations and empower providers
  • Infermedica Follow-up – supports post-visit communication and treatment plan adherence to ensure the patient is on track—this module will be available soon

“We created LifeMD’s telehealth platform to make personalized care more accessible and convenient, and we are partnering with other healthtech leaders such as Infermedica to achieve this goal. By integrating new and innovative technologies like the Infermedica Intake module, we can support the evolving needs of patients and advance the quality of care we provide,” said Stefan Galluppi, CMO and Chief Innovation Officer at LifeMD, one of Infermedica’s new B2B technology partners and first to pilot Infermedica Intake.

Infermedica continuously monitors the needs of its users and they also added new features in the Platform, including Patient Intent Survey and Patient Education. Patient Intent Survey is intended to help better understand a patient’s needs before their appointment, and Patient Education is a library of curated educational resources to support self-care for patients who have mild symptoms and do not need in-person care. 

“We developed Infermedica’s core technology in 2012 but soon realized it could be used to solve many more issues plaguing the global healthcare system. Over time, we have made significant investments using an evidence-based approach and in accordance with globally recognized medical device regulations, to create something that meets data privacy, IT security, accuracy standards, but most importantly healthcare’s needs,” said Tim Price, Chief Product Officer at Infermedica. Coinciding with the company’s 10th anniversary, growth to over 200 team members, and expansion into more than 30 countries, the Medical Guidance Platform marks a major milestone in the company’s growing momentum. To date, Infermedica has spent over 60,000 physician hours building one of the world’s most advanced medical knowledge bases of diseases, symptoms, and risk factors. With this launch, Infermedica gets closer to achieving its vision of making primary care more efficient, affordable, and accessible for everyone around the world

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