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International multimedia visual artist speaks to Leicester College students

Tamika Galanis - One Hurriance Season

Tamika Galanis spoke to creative arts students and helped with work on innovative globe art project

International multimedia visual artist, Tamika Galanis recently visited Leicester College and spoke to Level 2 creative art students.

The inspirational workshop focused on Tamika’s photography-based art and documentary work. Tamika also helped students with a Leicester College globe project that will be part of a wider exhibition later in the summer.

Leicester College is an official partner in The World Reimagined project, a national arts and learning programme focusing on the African continent – pre and post slavery, and colonialism right up to the present day. Leicester is one of just seven cities across the UK hosting the programme. The College is the only Leicester-based Further Education provider involved in the globe project where an artist is commissioned to work with local communities to create a globe that will be deeply connected to place.

Tamika said, “The World Reimagined project is about social justice and understanding narratives behind black history and black culture in Britain and around the world, with a particular focus on the transatlantic slave trade. The project is made up of several sections – there’s the community section, an educational section, a heritage section and an artistic section. We’re trying to link all those parts together to empower the whole community and provide more knowledge about black history and all the excellence we’ve brought to this country.

“I’m here to talk to students about how I theorise ideas for my work and learn their views on what their thinking is around this project. It’s always interesting to have other people think about sort of the same task but it’s going to be obviously completely different.” 

Gail Pringle, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Leicester College said:

“It’s a real coup for Leicester College to get such an acclaimed international artist to visit and talk to our students about her work. We’re sure that the students will be inspired by her vision and will be able to use this to help with the globe project and their own studies.”

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