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Leading the way in accessibility for performing arts, with Jamie Beddard

In this week’s Teach Inspire Create podcast episode, Jamie Beddard, one of the UK’s leading disabled theatre practitioners, joins UAL Awarding Body.

In the episode, Jamie talks about his multi-faceted career so far, the barriers and the opportunities for the disabled in creative arts and how covid has affected these. Jamie also discusses his view on how teachers and learning institutions can lead the way in accessibility for the performing arts, and how society can shift its focus on what disability is.

Jamie is a writer, actor, director and workshop leader as well as a trainer and consultant. Above it all, Jamie is an insisting advocate for the integrated sector, working tirelessly for change.

 He is one of the Lead Artists for Diverse City– a performing arts company where social justice and culture meet and is also part of the creative team behind Extraordinary Bodies – the UK’s leading professional and integrated circus company.

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