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National charity PTI announces 2022 winners of their inaugural Martin Roberts Prize for outstanding new resources

The Professional Teaching Institute awards Martin Roberts Prize for best new teaching resources.

The PTI announced in May the winners of the Martin Roberts Prize which celebrates  outstanding new teaching resources. The PTI continues to support and celebrate teachers all over the UK, with a mission to help provide teachers with the tools to deliver quality education. The PTI strives to make impactful and lasting change within the education industry, helping to support teachers and provide them with all the tools and resources they need to supply an excellent education. 

The late Martin Roberts was a founding member of the Academic Steering Group of the Prince of Wales Education Summer Schools in 2002, continuing with the group in the establishment of the PTI until 2016.  He was Headteacher at the Cherwell School in Oxford for 22 years, managing its evolution from a secondary modern school with 300 pupils to a comprehensive school with 1,800 pupils judged “Outstanding” by Ofsted by the time he retired.

Martin Roberts was instrumental in the establishment of the PTI’s New Teacher Subject Days courses; in his memory in 2022, the PTI established Martin Roberts Prizes celebrating the best new teaching resources created by course participants.  

Carolyn Roberts, Co-Director, The PTI, said:

“The candidates selected for the inaugural Martin Roberts Prize have inspired us with the quality and creativity of the resources they have produced. We couldn’t be more delighted for the teachers who have been awarded the Martin Roberts Prize for their outstanding new resource.” 

The winners of the 2022 Martin Roberts Prize are: 

  • Zahra Ali, Maths, from Eltham Hill School in Greenwich
  • Vinu Ariyaratne, Biology, from The Thetford Academy in Norfolk
  • Colin Bruce, Physics,  from St George’s College Weybridge in Surrey
  • Ariana Dubignon, History,  from Ark Pioneer Academy in Barnet 
  • Ewen Finnie, Geography, from The Grange Academy in Hertfordshire
  • Aoife Sheehan, English, from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in North London
  • Mia Underwood, Spanish, from Gordon’s School in Woking 
  • Kerry Wise, French, from The John Warner School in Hertfordshire
  • Toni Malone, Geography, from St Edward’s College in Liverpool
  • Valerie Plichta, English, from Holly Lodge Girls in Liverpool
  • Bethany Seymour, Spanish, from The Hollins in Lancashire 
  • Gemma Walker, Chemistry, from Wales High School in Sheffield 

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