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Ofsted’s Education Recovery in further education and skills providers autumn report

In relation to @Ofstednews’ latest report, ‘Education Recovery in further education and skills providers: autumn’ report, Association of Colleges have issued the below statement.

David Corke, Director of Education & Skills Policy, Association of Colleges said:

“I think every member of staff in every college needs to be recognised and commended for the valiant work they have done, and continue to do, in the most difficult of circumstances. They have moved heaven and earth to keep students safe and supported, whilst going above and beyond to make sure that learning and training continued. This report from Ofsted confirms what college leaders have been saying for a long time. It has never been so tough for the sector. Staff and student wellbeing is fragile as students struggle with the transition back to learning and training.

“Colleges were quick to adopt a hybrid model and keep people engaged in education, but as more data and evidence appears, we need to keep a real eye on attendance figures, and on learning gaps which are already widening at a worrying rate. We need a national effort to not allow the learning gap to continue to grow, whilst also making sure there is the support and resources there to look after the mental health and wellbeing of staff and students. Only then will we be able to make sure that those who need to learn and train are properly able to.”

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