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Pearson Announces Leadership Transition in Assessment & Qualifications Division

Pearson (@pearson), the world’s leading learning company, today announces that Bob Whelan will retire as the President of Assessment & Qualifications after a highly successful 40-year career with the company. Effective February 1, 2022, Art Valentine, Pearson’s current Managing Director of Clinical Assessment, will succeed Bob in this critical leadership role.   

Art, a 16-year Pearson leader, will preside over the business that includes Pearson VUE, Clinical Assessment, UK & Global School Qualifications and US Student Assessment. He will serve on the company’s executive leadership team, reporting to CEO Andy Bird. Bob Whelan will remain with Pearson in a consulting role, as a senior advisor to the CEO. 

Andy Bird, Pearson’s Chief Executive said: 

“We’ve been planning for this transition for many months. Bob has been looking forward to a well-deserved retirement, and I will value his continued counsel.  

I want to thank Bob and applaud his significant record of success at Pearson. He has consistently delivered excellent financial results and established Pearson as the leader in the assessment and qualification industry. One of his most important and lasting contributions is the great culture and team he has built. Art is a trusted Pearson business leader and I’m excited to welcome him into this executive role. On the heels of Bob’s stellar career, Art will bring continuity to an already strong business, along with the leadership and commercial acumen to drive future growth.” 

Art has worked in numerous leadership roles across the Assessment & Qualifications business, including with Pearson VUE. Most recently, in Clinical Assessment, he led a strategy that brought the business back to a growth position. Art also brings a wealth of experience more broadly in the assessments and technology industries, including marketing, testing services, program management, digital initiatives, technology infrastructure, and finance. 

Art Valentine said: “I’ve been fortunate to be part of a winning culture that has helped millions of people advance in their schooling and professional careers. I’m excited to hit the ground running with many colleagues I have known for years to continue serving our customers and growing Pearson’s Assessment & Qualifications business.” 

Pearson’s Assessment & Qualifications business provides the assessments, qualifications, certifications and licences, that enable people to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and aptitude across a lifetime of learning, from school through professional careers. It serves learners in some of the most critical and fast-growing industries in the world, including K-12 education, the mental health profession, IT and healthcare. In the third quarter of 2021, the Assessment & Qualifications business posted a 24% increase in revenue.  

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