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Reading their way to success

Reading their way to success

Students from Barking & Dagenham College got to enjoy a special awards ceremony as they celebrated completing the College’s annual Reading Challenge. 


The students study in the College’s Horizon building – the largest provision for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in North-East London. 

The Reading Challenge is set every year by the College’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC), to encourage more students to read and enjoy the benefits reading brings with it too.  The Challenge is to read six items – be it poems, books, short stories or current affairs articles, within a set time period.  All completed entries are then also put into a prize draw, with a chance to win a selection of prizes.   

Over 50 Horizon students completed the Challenge this year, and the LRC team were so impressed, they decided to hold two awards ceremonies to congratulate them all on their achievements and to present all the students with certificates.   

The ceremonies were great fun and the students were very proud of what they had accomplished.  The LRC team commented: “Well done to everyone who participated in The LRC Reading Challenge. We hope you enjoyed the challenge and will continue reading!”

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