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SERC Music Alumnus Scottie Watters Set to Release Second Album

Scottie Watters beside a Bangor FM sign

Former SERC Music Student Scottie Watters has been busy in the studio as he prepares to release a new album this year.

22-year-old Scottie recently chatted to Paul Cromie of Bangor FM where he spoke of his love for music, which all began when his dad brought him to watch his fellow Bangor townsmen Snow Patrol in concert in 2010, “Ever since that gig I wanted to pick up a guitar, and everything just escalated from that very show. I’ve been working very hard at my music ever since.”

Although one day he would like to work with a team, Scottie is currently a one-man band covering all aspects of his music production and promotion as he strives towards success in the industry. He spoke about how lockdown was an opportunity for him to focus on his song writing: “Shortly after I released my debut album (Emotions) the world went into lockdown. For many musicians like myself this was an opportunity to focus purely on making music without the need for gigs or anything else.”

Speaking about his new album Midnight Memories, which he hopes to release in October, Scottie said: “My last album was a pop-singer songwriter type genre, and as much as I do enjoy that type of music, I wanted to do something a little bit different. I became inspired by groups within the synthwave genre – which would be like an 80s pop dance style. I started sampling that music and when listening back I thought, ‘I really like this style’. It was towards the end of last year when I started writing a bunch of new songs and thought ‘there could be an album from this’.”

Scottie reminisced about his time at SERC and spoke about how helpful his time at the college was, “A friend had reached out to me and told me about SERC’s Music courses, so I applied straight away. I had an amazing time, I learned so much and it really helped build my confidence especially for performing in front of people. My time at SERC has been a massive help, and I would recommend anyone to apply for the music course; it’s full of amazing people and you’ll learn a lot.”

If you would like to find out more about Scottie and his music you can find him on various social media platforms including Facebook.  You can also listen to some of Scottie’s music on Spotify.

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