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SoftwareONE and CloudSwyft partner to deliver virtual labs to students globally

Stans, Switzerland – 29 September 2022 – SoftwareONE, a global software and cloud technology solutions provider, and CloudSwyft, the global leader in virtual lab solutions for education, have formed a partnership to deliver scalable cloud-based virtual labs to universities, vocational colleges, K-12 and governments in over 100 countries.

With growing pressure on educational institutions to support hybrid learning while achieving cost and operational efficiencies, virtualizing existing campus IT infrastructure has become a top priority across all major markets. CloudSwyft’s virtual labs achieve this by delivering controlled learning environments directly to students accessible by browser on their own devices.

The need for more flexible lab solutions is driven by an increase in active, hands-on learning by students at all levels, with an increasing number of software tools being graphics heavy and requiring specifications in excess of students’ own devices. Virtual labs, powered by an institution’s cloud infrastructure, allow all software tools to be accessed no matter the type of student device.

“SoftwareONE works with educational institutions around the world to help them digitally transform. The CloudSwyft solution is a standout leader in virtual lab solutions providing education-specific features to deliver a superior learning and teaching experience, with each student having their own personal lab environment accessible anytime, anywhere,” explains Florian Schultz, Global Head of Education at SoftwareONE. “With the solution both ‘out of the box’ – easy to use by institutions with small IT teams or limited cloud infrastructure expertise – and customizable, SoftwareONE is excited to offer the solution, bundled with our value-add services, to our education customers globally.”

“SoftwareONE’s global reach in over 90 countries and established relationships with leading cloud providers will help CloudSwyft rapidly accelerate the adoption of our virtual labs solutions in educational institutions around the world,” said Dann Angelo De Guzman, CEO of CloudSwyft. “By partnering with SoftwareONE, we will help our customers drive substantial cost and efficiency savings of 90% or more per annum on the total cost of delivering software tools to students.”

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