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Students and staff rally to help feed war-torn Ukrainian families

More than £10,000 worth of food donations from Loughborough College and Samworth Brothers is on its way to Kyiv to help feed families in war-torn Ukraine.

The College and Samworth Brothers joined forces with Ukrainian citizen Snizhana Yesaulenko, a Director of the Gresham Aparthotel in Leicester, who has been campaigning to send food to stock field kitchens in her home country.

The College ran a three-day food drive last week, with big-hearted donors filling 10 pallets with food and other items, weighing nearly two tonnes, while Samworth Brothers is ensuring the supplies get to Ukraine via its own HGV fleet and its international partners.

Snizhana has friends and family still in Ukraine. So far, she has raised over £20,000 to support the establishment of field kitchens in Kyiv. Field kitchens are used by volunteers to prepare hot meals and food for hospitals, soldiers and those who have lost their homes.   

Students and College staff, along with staff from the Aparthotel, helped to load the packed pallets onto the Samworth HGV on Sunday morning. The donations are due to arrive in Kyiv on Wednesday (22nd June).

Simon Smith, a Public Services lecturer at Loughborough College, said:

“The response to the donation appeal has been overwhelming and is typical of the amazing culture of giving at Loughborough College.

“We partnered with Samworth Brothers through a personal connection I have a senior executive there and we are so pleased that we’ve been able to work together with Snizhana’s campaign to help those affected by the war.”  

Snizhana Yesaulenko, Director of The Gresham Aparthotel, said:

“This will be life changing. I am so proud of everyone for contributing and getting involved including the amazing team at Loughborough College and Samworth Brothers and all their suppliers too.  I know how much this means to people in Ukraine, so I would like to thank anyone who has contributed or been involved in any way.”   

Adam King, Community Director at Samworth Brothers, said:

“Not only are we delivering essential food to people but we’re saying loudly and clearly that we care. We are working with a range of organisations in Leicestershire and beyond to help facilitate deliveries to Ukraine.  We want to do everything we can to support the people of Ukraine.”

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