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Students competing for £4,450 prize pool as Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports Summer Tournament kicks off

Students competing for £4,450 prize pool as Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports Summer Tournament kicks off

The Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports Summer Tournament kicks off on July 11th with students from across the UK and Ireland competing for £4,450 in Amazon vouchers.

The tournament, which will run until August 18th, will bring together thousands of university students to compete in League of Legends, VALORANT, including women’s and non-binary events, as well as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege and Teamfight Tactics.

In its 4th year, the Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports Summer Tournament will be run by NUEL in partnership with university esports competition host GGTech, to provide activities for students to engage in during the summer off-season, whilst allowing leavers to play in one final tournament.

As with previous seasons, many of the key tournament product manager roles will be taken on by students, where they will gain practical experience of community management and tournament operations. In particular, the League of Legends and VALORANT tournaments will provide them with practical experience, due to the volume of participants each year, with VALORANT in particular booming over the past 12 months.

The tournament will conclude on August 18th, A-Level results day, and Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports will collaborate closely with gaming societies to help them to welcome and support the next generation of university esports talent through competition, community, and education.

David Jackson, GGTech/NUEL country manager, said:

“It is fantastic to be involved in yet another summer tournament run by NUEL and GGTech, in partnership with Amazon, providing university students a place to continue engaging in esports throughout the summer. The university esports community is continuing to grow and we look forward to welcoming both new and returning faces to the competition.”

“This summer tournament also sets the stage for next year’s Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports competitions with esports societies preparing to reach out to prospective students following A-Level results day. University esports is in a very exciting place with new esports related courses, facilities and staff ready to support students come September. University is a vital space for students to engage in esports.”

Date                           Game 1    Game 2Date                           Game 1    Game 2
11/07/22OverwatchRocket L.01/08/22OverwatchRocket L.
12/07/22CS:GO 02/08/22CS:GO 
13/07/22Open LoLRainbow SS03/08/22Open LoLRainbow SS
14/07/22Open VALORANTTeamfight Tactics04/08/22Open VALORANTTeamfight Tactics
18/07/22OverwatchRocket L.08/08/22OverwatchRocket L.
19/07/22CS:GOWomen & Non-Binary Valorant09/08/22CS:GO 
20/07/22Open LoLRainbow SS10/08/22Open LoLRainbow SS
21/07/22Open VALORANTTeamfight Tactics11/08/22Open VALORANTTeamfight Tactics
22/07/22Women & Non-Binary LoL    
25/07/22OverwatchRocket L.15/08/22OverwatchRocket L.
26/07/22CS:GOWomen & Non-Binary Valorant16/08/22CS:GO 
27/07/22Open LoLRainbow SS17/08/22Open LoLRainbow SS
28/07/22Open VALORANTTFT18/08/22Open VALORANTTFT
29/07/22Women & Non-Binary LoL    

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