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TMRW Launches TeachMeNow, its One-Stop Destination for Personalised Online Learning

TMRW, a leading education technology company born out of GEMS Education, the largest private K-12 education provider in the world, announces the launch of TeachMeNow, its innovative online mentoring platform.

Accessible from anywhere in the world, TeachMeNow provides sessions on all core curriculum subjects, including maths, sciences, and languages. Learners can also hire tutors to learn about more specialised topics like coding, graphic design, artificial intelligence, and film-making. The platform has selected expert teachers through a thorough verification process to join as mentors.

Lessons on TeachMeNow are available one-to-one or as group sessions. Classes can be live, featuring real-time collaboration through voice, video and chat interactions, as well as document and screen sharing. In addition, TeachMeNow offers in-depth courses, which combine live sessions and pre-recorded content to reinforce learning.

Krishnan Gopi, CEO of TMRW, said:

“Our mission at TMRW is to support learning no matter where pupils are based. That is why we are launching TeachMeNow, so that students can get personalised help whenever and wherever they need it, with teachers from some of the world’s most outstanding schools at their fingertips.

“Today’s digital natives are well-versed in apps, games, videos, and other online tools to educate themselves. TeachMeNow was built to suit learners’ needs for innovative, on-demand courses that will help them become skilled professionals.”

Naomi Eglington, Managing Director of TeachMeNow, said:

“As the world reopens after COVID, our focus must now shift to helping students catch up. Teachers have displayed incredible dedication to their pupils throughout the pandemic, and are integral to helping them catch up on lost learning. At the same time, tailored, flexible support is essential to make sure no child gets left behind, and online tutoring is a key tool in this regard.

“Through our platform, students can complement their learning in the classroom with a mentor who best suits their learning style. We are proud to offer courses that children may not have access to in school, such as critical thinking, leadership, and entrepreneurship – all skills that will help students thrive in the world of tomorrow.”  

Recent studies have found that one-to-one tuition delivers, on average, an additional five months of progress over the course of a year. Small-group tuition, involving groups of two to five students, results, on average, in an additional four months of progress over the course of a year.

Through TMRW’s interoperable, all-in-one learning operating system, TeachMeNow offers interactive and easy to use functionalities, such as flexible scheduling, and a comprehensive dashboard to monitor bookings and activities.   

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