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Update from Rebecca Tuck QC on the Independent Investigation into Antisemitism within NUS

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NUS (@nusuk) has called for an independent investigation into antisemitism allegations and appointed Rebecca Tuck QC as the Independent Investigator has recently published an update on her progress.

NUS commented:

“We are committed to a comprehensive independent QC-led investigation into allegations of antisemitism and are prepared to take any and all actions that Rebecca Tuck QC’s investigation may recommend. Whilst the investigations take place, we continue to work closely with the Union of Jewish Students and are exploring actions that NUS can take in the near future to build trust and confidence with Jewish students.”

Rebecca Tuck QC commented:

“Having been instructed on 20 May, and had an initial conference with the NUS Supervising Director on 24 May, I have received a first set of documents on 25 May 2022. Having reviewed these documents, I have prepared an aspirational timetable – recognizing that at present there are a number of unknowns. If any of the stages of work can be completed sooner – they will be.

There are two clear parts to this process as set out in the Terms of Reference published by the NUS UK Board: 1) a public investigation into NUS and 2) an internal investigation into the President Elect under the NUS Code of Conduct.

Regarding the public investigation into NUS, I will open a public ‘call for evidence’ on Monday 6 June 2022 that will remain open for 1 calendar month. I will then conduct interviews that arise from the evidence submissions from July onwards. I intend to publish a first draft of the final report by the end of September and a final draft by the end of October 2022. This will be a thorough, open and transparent process.

Regarding the internal investigation under the Code of Conduct, I will commence the process on 6 June 2022 and aim to conclude my investigation as a priority within the coming weeks.”

Indicative Timetable for the public investigation into NUS

Published by Rebecca Tuck QC on 1/6/22

Week commencing 6/6/22 ‘CALL FOR EVIDENCE’ to open for ONE MONTH.

Week commencing 18/7/22 Commence interviews arising from call for evidence

BY 30/9/22 Aim to complete first draft of FINAL REPORT;

– any persons subject to adverse comments or findings to be sent findings for comment. 14 day deadline.

– any stakeholders who the Independent Investigator considers can offer assistance as to recommendations invited to comment. 14 day deadline.


Further information about the Independent Investigation into Antisemitism within NUS

NUS has up to date information about the investigation on its website here.

Previous statements from NUS on this matter can be found here.

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