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West London College’s Ealing Green Inclusive Learning Football team has won the FE Supported Learning College League 2021/22, run by Brentford FC Community Trust. The team were presented with their trophy at Gillette Corner Goals in June (24 June). Throughout the tournament, the 5-aside squad continued their almost unbeaten run to the season, defeated in only one of their 18 games. The team scored 32 goals in total and conceded just 9, earning a whopping 43 points, 21 points clear of the league runner-up. The West London College player of the Tournament was Abubakar Aadan who played in midfield.

Team Coach and Inclusive Learning Sports Coordinator, Conrad Scott said: “The main purpose of offering the football team and their participation in the competition is to get the students to continue developing their confidence and skills in other aspects away from the classroom. That would include leadership and teamwork skills, boost self-esteem, social interaction, following instructions and physical and mental wellbeing.”

Over time the team took ownership for something that they loved. Team members took responsibility to wash the team kit, leading aspects of the training sessions  and corresponding with the organisers for information or clarity on upcoming events. Playing in a team sport also helps the learners to compete and show respect to their teammates, opponents and officials. 

Conrad believes one of the main reasons the West London College team did so well is that they embraced the spirit of unity, enabling them to work well together.

Team Captain, Benjamin Sewell said: “I believe the main reason the team performed so well is due mainly to the brilliance of our coach, Conrad.”

Conrad continued: “The Inclusive Learning sports programme offers the opportunity and the flexibility for learners to be educated and enriched beyond the classroom.”

Senior Learning Support Assistant and team driver, Nik Benbow said: “One of the students said to me  ‘I’ve never played or won a football tournament before’ and I realised he was someone not given the opportunity to play sport that often, so it was very uplifting.”

Chris Tribe, Disability Sports Manager of Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, said: “Thank you to all college staff for your help in making this season’s league a success, and thank you to all of your students for taking part.”

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