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57% of UK workers have moved companies for greater job satisfaction


JOB SECURITY is not enough for today’s workers, as many are willing to move jobs or even change careers to get more job satisfaction, according to new research.

The survey of 1,001 UK adults carried out by Cygnet Jobs, one of the UK’s leading healthcare recruitment companies, has revealed that more than 1 in 2 (57%) have moved companies just to get greater job satisfaction.

In fact, as many as 38% of workers have even changed their career to do so.

According to the survey, the reason for this was 1 in 3 (33%) wanted a more rewarding job. This was followed by 29% who felt they wanted to simply enjoy the work they did more.

Additionally, more than 1 in 5 (22%) said they left their company as they didn’t feel their hard work was appreciated.

Meanwhile, 18% didn’t get a sense of they work they did actually having an impact on the world and 10% just wanted to enjoy the work they do.

Those working in utilities were revealed as the most likely to change company, with just under half having changed company in favour of a more satisfying job (48%), followed by those who work in retail (38%), administrative and support services (32%), information and communications (29%) and hospitality and leisure (21%).

Rowan Marriott, Head of Resourcing at Cygnet Jobs said,

‘The research just shows how likely it is for people to change company in order to find a job that offers them more satisfaction. There are some surprising reasons for this – with many just simply wanting to enjoy the nature of the work they do and many feeling underappreciated. Therefore, it is important that people find a job they will enjoy. In order to do this, people can make a list of the top things that they consider important when looking for a company and job that will make them happy. Additionally, they can create a plan, by having this people can feel in control of their future career path and work towards a job that they will enjoy”

Top 10 industries that have the least job satisfaction

  1. Utilities – 45%
  2. Retail – 38%
  3. Administrative and support services – 32%
  4. Information and communications – 29%
  5. Hospitality and leisure – 21%
  6. Marketing and communications – 20%
  7. Education – 18%
  8. Professional services – 17%
  9. Travel and tourism – 16%
  10. Healthcare – 13%

Survey of 1,001 UK adults.

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