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60% of universities in the top ten for employability are not Russell Group, according to latest data

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Uni Compare has just released its 2023/24 ranking looking at every university in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to unveil the top 100 universities for the year, as voted for by students. 

​​The rankings are based on 65,015 ratings and 13,003 reviews from current and former students. As a part of the study, they collected an employability score for each institution based on student opinion. 

These rankings look at the universities that are best for students looking to take the next steps in their lives. A career is part of the reason that most students choose their university courses to begin with and for many, it affects the university they choose to attend too. So, which universities are providing their students with the best opportunities for post-university life? 

The top 10 universities for employability in the UK (according to students) 

1University of Oxford
2King’s College London, UOL
3London School of Economics
4UCL, University College London
5University of Bath
6University of Surrey
7Newman University
8Cardiff Metropolitan University
9Open University
10University of Liverpool

Based on the results from this year’s survey, it appears that not attending a Russell Group or Red Brick University will not negatively impact how employable you are after graduating due to 60% of the universities that have made the top 10 not falling into this category. 

Whilst attending such schools for higher education is still held in very high regard, this result is very promising for those they aren’t accessible for. Once students leave university, employers are much more interested in skill sets, rather than the university attended. However, this may not be the case for all jobs. That’s why the link between industry and university must be of paramount importance to all universities.

Three universities in London ranked in the top 10

Unsurprisingly, the capital of the UK is also the capital of employability. With the King’s College London, the London School of Economics, and UCL (University College London) all making the top 5, students attending any of these universities stand in great stead for success after graduation. 

For example at UCL (University College London), they offer students and graduates access to 1-1 consultation appointments to discuss their careers, as well as to help with CV writing and application forms. In fact, UCL Careers held over 240 employer-led events in 2020/21, a perfect opportunity for students to network with potential employers and get a real feel for the industry they plan to work in. 

The University of Surrey moves 80 places to rank 6th for employability

Impressively, the University of Surrey has moved 80 places from last year’s ranking, taking them from 86th to 6th for employability. 

This is unsurprising given how highly regarded the careers and employability service is at this institution after placing 12th in the world for work placements and research partnerships with employers, according to the World Employability Rankings from 2020.

They are also committed to helping disadvantaged students through the Career Mentoring Scheme which places BAME students, care givers and estranged students with professional mentors across its network. 

Owen O’Neil, Founder of Uni Compare comments on this year’s rankings,

“We are delighted to celebrate our new student rankings, recognising the significant impact university rankings have on both students and institutions. These rankings empower students with valuable insights, guiding them toward the right educational paths while motivating universities to strive for excellence in all aspects of their offerings. Together, we embrace the transformative power of university rankings in shaping the future of higher education.”  

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