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900 Achieve Grade 9 at Brighton College #GCSEResultsDay2019

After achieving some of the best A-level results in the country last week, Brighton College has today broken its record for GCSEs. The most common grade at this leading independent school was a 9, with 900 exams awarded the top score.

Impressively, 13 pupils scored 9s across the board in their exams. Overall, 94% of grades were 9-7/A*-A. And not a single exam was failed from nearly 2,000 papers sat by pupils at the school.

While there were strong performances across all subjects, special mention goes to the 26 students taking Mandarin, with every pupil – all non-native speakers – achieving 7 or above.

Head Master Richard Cairns remarked that: “We are thrilled with these record-breaking results. It is astonishing that the most common grade at Brighton is a 9, the grade reserved only for the top 5% of pupils in the country. As importantly, this is a year group that always had a good work-life balance, contributing hugely to dance, sport, drama, music and so much else.”

Brighton’s Billy Elliots

Brighton’s boy dancers were also at the fore at a school that encourages dance as a part of their extensive co-curriculum. Head Master Richard Cairns has been a long-term advocate of encouraging all pupils, regardless of gender, to embrace the benefits of dance as a sport.

Over 90 boys participated in dance at the College at some level last year. The school teaches seven styles of dance in 95 classes a week taught by 11 specialist dance teachers.

From the GCSE year, Ethan Hurip leads the way, having spent summer touring the National Youth Dance Company. But dance didn’t stop Ethan achieving an incredible eleven 9s (or equivalent) in his exams, including dance GCSE, despite missing several weeks of school due to performing.

Equally, Patrick Mayhew is an outstanding all-rounder, as brilliant at drama as rugby. He encouraged his whole tutor group to try dance as a co-curricular activity, and has achieved an outstanding ten 9s in his exams.

Torben Kempa achieved top GCSE results across the board, including dance. His love of dance started as a child, and he excels in tap, modern dance, jazz and classical ballet. While preparing for his exams he took the lead in the Brighton College Dance Show pieces Cinderella and 42nd Street, performed for a sold-out audience at the historic Brighton Dome.

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