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A-level celebrations at Uxbridge College as higher grade performances hit 70%

Uxbridge College students are celebrating excellent higher grade results and some fantastic individual performances with many now going to university.

Great higher grade performances saw 70% of Uxbridge College students achieve A*-C with a 100% pass rate in 10 out of 14 subjects, reflecting impressive results in both science and maths as well as humanities and English.

A proportion of A-level achievers have progressed after completing GCSEs at College, either for the first time or after taking their exams at school. The College also supports students to achieve better grades at A-level following an initial attempt in a school environment.

Top performers at the College, which had an overall pass rate of 97%, included:

  • Uxbridge College’s top performing student Sara Bashiri, who achieved A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and will be going to Exeter University to study Medicine. Sara was also one of the College’s star volunteers, spending time with hospital patients and elderly people in residential care, as well as working in a charity shop.
  • Two students who completed GCSEs and A-levels at Uxbridge College and were in many of the same classes together, and are going to university to study Physics. Ashuit Khanna, 20, is going to Durham University and Vlad Bunys, 21, to Manchester, both to take four year Masters degrees. They both achieved an A* in Maths and A grades in Physics and Further Maths. Vlad said: “I am very happy with my results and that I am going to university. I love this College – the teachers are very approachable and you get enough help as well as having freedom to study in your own way.”
  • Iman Taleb, who achieved A grades in Sociology, Government & Politics and Psychology. She said she was going to take a year out to save up for university and hoped to study PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics).
  • Elisha Mullins, 18, who achieved an A* in Psychology – the subject she is going to study at Southampton University – an A in Media Studies and a B in English Literature. Elisha said: “I am really happy to be going to university and with my results, especially Psychology as this is my degree subject. I checked online to confirm my university place before collecting my results at College but I didn’t know I was going to do this well!”
  • Paulo Pal Noni, who achieved an A* in Sociology, an A in Psychology and a B in Business. As Paulo’s results were better than he expected he was looking at his degree options again although he already had a successful offer.

Darrell DeSouza, Vice Principal Curriculum and Standards at Uxbridge College, said: “It is excellent news to have such a great set of performances especially with higher level grades A*-C – congratulations to all our students. The College has been a long established and strong provider of A-levels and continues to offer an inclusive, nurturing and supportive environment that allows a very diverse range of students to develop their learning skills and thrive, where they might not otherwise have, be that at school or other college. It’s good to see that students actively select Uxbridge college as their first choice for these reasons. The indications are that the strong set of high grade results this year will be reflected in our ‘value added’ figures when these are published over the next few weeks.”

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