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A new powerful voice for over 750,000 teachers

A new powerful voice for over 750,000 teachers on teacher education
On Thursday 5 June at the House of Commons, Kate Hoey MP will host a reception to celebrate the re-launch of the Standing Committee for the Education and Training of Teachers (SCETT)* as the most powerful voice on teacher education in Britain.
Professor Dennis Hayes, who represents the University and College Union on the SCETT Committee, said The trade unions and professional associations have never raised their collective voice to challenge the instrumental and intellectually vacuous approach of successive governments to teacher education. Over the next year SCETT intends to be the independent voice that leads the discussion about the future direction of teacher education in Britain.
Sue Rogers, for the NASUWT, believed that SCETT provides a unique forum for exchange of views and clarification of ideas and viewpoints between trade unions, professional associations and other stakeholders. SCETT is the vehicle for co-operation to
develop an understanding of how to develop teacher education for the 21st century
Mary Van de Water, Chair of SCETT, commented that: the SCETT re-launch comes at a time when education in general and teachers in particular are centre stage again. It is vital that the cross-sector teacher-informed voice of SCETT is heard and contributes to the development of policy related to teachers and their education.

*About SCETT
The Standing Committee for the Education and Training of Teachers (SCETT) was established in 1981 by the major teaching unions and professional associations. It is a registered Charity. The constituent membership of SCETT is the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL); Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL); National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT); National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT); National Union of Teachers (NUT); and the University and College Union (UCU). Taken together, the constituent, associate and individual members of SCETT represent the interest of three quarters of a million teachers in supporting and developing initial teacher education and training and in all forms of continuing professional development. SCETT is a democratic organisation. The SCETT Standing Committee is elected from its membership and decisions about its policies, activities and programme are taken collectively. Visit the SCETT web site:

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