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Accountancy training firm offers finance professionals free resources on digital technologies and data analytics ahead of the launch of its new courses

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First Intuition celebrates the launch of two new courses, Awareness of Digital Finance and Understanding Data Analytics, by offering free informational sessions as part of its Digital Technologies Week. The award-winning accountancy training provider is expanding its portfolio of training courses to continue to be at the forefront of providing valuable training for the accountancy and finance industry. First Intuition will host events during Digital Technologies Week, taking place from 21 – 25 February 2022, to raise awareness about the growing importance of digital technologies in the finance industry and how businesses can start their upskilling approach.

The role of digital technologies and data analytics are becoming increasingly critical for finance professionals. Finance now encompasses a magnitude of new digital products, digital businesses, finance-related software, and novel forms of digital-based customer communication and interaction. Chief Executive of First Intuition, Gareth John, comments “It is clear that automation, AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, data analytics and data visualisation, aren’t replacing human ability but are amplifying human ability allowing accountants to add more value and to have more impact. These technologies are dramatically changing the roles that finance professionals play and the skills they need.”

It is imperative that businesses keep abreast of these changes and trends to stay competitive, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. As a result, First Intuition is launching a week of free informational content for employers on this topic during its Digital Technologies Week. Including speaker forums, focus groups, blogs, and other useful insights into the rapidly mainstream field. Events include:

The Growing Role of Digital Technologies and Data Analytics in Accountancy and Finance

Thursday 24 February 2022 – 08:30-10:00 – Register here

This session will discuss the way in which accountants and other finance professionals are increasingly exposed to a variety of digital technologies. Expert speakers and panellists will take a closer look at these new digital technologies, how they are changing roles, why they are important for the growth of the industry, and what employers can do to keep up with these changing technologies.

Digital Technologies and Data Analytics Forum

Friday 25 February 2022 – 08:30-10:00 – Register here

This session will introduce First Intuition’s new courses that will give structure and clarity to how finance professionals can ensure their teams understand the implications of digital finance technologies. As well as start to harness the benefits they offer in terms of improved efficiency, cost control and revenue generation.

First Intuition, in partnership with Generation CFO, has designed and developed its new ‘finance-flavoured’ programmes to help accounting and finance professionals gain a better awareness of the digital technologies which are relevant to the finance world. As well as the impact they are having on the business environment, and how the finance professional can provide insight and impactful support for business decision-making. Details of the two new courses are below:

Awareness of Digital Finance

This programme provides a broad overview of a variety of digital finance technologies, and the opportunities they offer to accounting and finance professionals. The course is designed to be a non-technical programme and provides a good starting point for accountants to build awareness across the increasingly important area of digital finance.

Understanding Data Analytics

This programme goes deeper into each capability of Data Analytics, Advanced Analytics and Data Visualisation, including looking at their methods, skills and tools. This is a non-technical programme but includes guidance for further technical learning and learning pathways. The course is designed for those wishing to progress from the Awareness of Digital Finance programme to focus on data analytics.

Find more information about First Intuition’s Digital Technologies week here. For more information about First Intuition’s new courses, please contact [email protected].

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