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#Apprenticeship and levy statistics: August 2019

Statistics covering apprenticeship starts, apprenticeship service registrations and commitments.

Gavin Williamson 100x100Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

“It’s amazing to see over 70% of people in June 2019 started their apprenticeship journey on one of our new higher-quality apprenticeships – the highest figure since we introduced our reforms. It is also great news that the number of people starting an apprenticeship in 2018/19 so far has increased by 5.8% compared to this time last year.

“Thanks to our reforms, apprenticeships are now longer, higher-quality, with more off-the-job training and have a proper assessment at the end. They are giving people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to gain the skills to get ahead in life. There are now over 450 of our new high-quality apprenticeships available at all levels in everything from chef, solicitor, aerospace engineer and marine pilot.”


Apprenticeship and levy statistics: August 2019 main text

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Apprenticeship and levy statistics: August 2019 main tables

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Apprenticeship and levy statistics: August 2019 main tables

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Monthly apprenticeship starts by sector subject area, framework or standard, age, level, funding type and degree apprenticeship: August 2019

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Unrounded raw data set (framework, standard, SSA, level): August 2019

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Apprenticeship and levy statistics: August 2019 pre-release access list



Official statistics on the use of the apprenticeship service, including:

  • apprenticeship service account registrations to July 2019
  • the number of commitments and transferred commitments, where someone expected to start an apprenticeship is recorded in the system, to July 2019
  • the number of transferred commitments confirmed as having started their apprenticeships

The statistics also include monthly apprenticeship starts information for the first 11 months of the 2018 to 2019 academic year.

Read Further education (FE) and skills statistics and the FE data library for more FE statistics.

We may amend the content and timing of these statistics depending on user feedback and data reporting.

Further education statistical dissemination team

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Department for Education
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Published 29 August 2019

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