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Apprenticeships Are Still A Route to the ‘Dream Job’ in 2020

Apprenticeships Are Still A Route to the 'Dream Job' in 2020

The ‘dream Job’ Does Still Exist, And It’s Likely Via An Apprenticeship 

In 2019, it was reported that only 5% of Brits were working in a job they loved, and over half had given up looking for one. Nevertheless, with continued uncertainty around employment and job security, many people now believe finding a “dream job” is no longer a feasible option.

Despite the fact that the UK job market is still volatile, there has been a continuous shift in what people are prioritising when looking for jobs, and the types of jobs people are pursuing. A new video showcasing the collaboration between Dickies Workwear and the men and women running Bolton Wanderers Football Club, clearly shows the dream job does still exist.

Does the Life-Long Job Still Exist?

It’s been reported that on average people stay in their jobs for four years; with people moving on primarily due to job/pay dissatisfaction, wanting a new challenge or job tenure. However, in their new video Dickies reveals that Jo, Head of Maintenance at Bolton Wanderers Football Club, has worked for the club for 51 years.

Changes in Career Aspirations and Entry Routes

This year, people looking for “apprenticeship schemes” has risen by 250% as Gen Z looks for new ways of gaining skills, and education, in professions that have long-term career prospects.

In 2020, the idea of the ‘stable’ 9-5 continues to decline as younger generations entering the workforce aspire to create a schedule that can fit around their social life or studies. For those who would have possibly gone on to higher education this year, university has become less appealing, and many have been forced to reconsider their options – with the pandemic causing restricted social life and virtual learning.

There Is Still A Desire for a Sense of Pride in What You Do

Two crucial factors which influence people’s career decisions are: how proud they are of their role and passionate they are about their work. Chris, who started at the club as an apprentice and is now Head Groundsman, explains: “I’ve been working at the club now for nearly 24 years, starting as an apprentice… I am immensely proud to be Head Groundsman here, at Bolton Wanderers – from the days where I started coming here and watching it with my dad and my grandad on the terraces to being a Head Groundsman doing my bit for my club and helping with the history of the club. Hopefully, for many more years.”

How Can An Apprenticeship Help You Land Your Dream Job In 2020?

Never before has flexibility and freedom been more critical to those hoping to pursue childhood dream jobs. Along with learning transferable skills, and providing an alternative to the ‘usual’ tertiary education, apprenticeships allow trainees to be fully immersed within their chosen profession while also gaining first-hand experience.

Tom – Groundsman at Bolton Wanderers, who joined almost five years ago as an apprentice says “You kind of fall in love working here, people don’t understand the attachment you get; it’s a massive privilege to have a job like this at such a big football club. The lads have helped me a lot. Chris is based here at the stadium like I am – he’s taught me a lot, I respect him a lot, so I can’t do anything other than take his advice.”

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