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As children use electronic devices more, the risks to their eyes and health increase

“iPads are powerful educational tools opening up a whole new learning experience, but as our children use electronic devices more, the risks to their eyes and health increase”, said Gavin Slevin, ZAGG International General Manager.

“Our VisionGuard protective Eyesafe® technology layer protect all users – children included – from harmful HEV blue light that can negatively affect eye health. By taking everything that was great about our original Rugged Messenger case and adding VisionGuard, we have created a case that not only provides premium protection for your iPad but also protects your eyes. The rough and tumble exterior of the Rugged Messenger case will also withstand those drops that inevitably happen in classrooms and when workers are on the go.”

“We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with InvisibleShield to protect iPad users of all ages from harmful blue light by incorporating our Eyesafe technology into the Rugged Messenger case,” said Justin Barrett, CEO of Healthe.

“Research shows that prolonged exposure to the HEV blue light emitted from electronics results in a variety of health issues including sleep cycle disruption, negatively impacting melatonin production, and may lead to a variety of ocular health concerns. Given that the eye is not fully developed until teenage years, this is especially concerning for children’s eyes and health and highlights the pressing need for product innovations that address this issue.”

ZAGG, a global leader in accessories that empower mobile lifestyles, today (23 Jan) announced the Rugged Messenger Case + VisionGuard for the 9.7-inch iPad.

ZAGG’s latest iPad case protects your iPad from bumps and drops up to 6.6 feet while the VisionGuard snap-on screen protector protects your eyes from harmful blue light.

The Rugged Messenger Case features innovative multi-layered polycarbonate to protect your iPad against impact and corner damage, whilst the snap-on screen with VisionGuard not only protects screens from scratches and fingerprint smudges, its Eyesafe® layer filters harmful blue light which can contribute to digital eye strain.

The Rugged Messenger Case also features a fully adjustable magnetic built-in stand for increased usability, allowing the tablet to stand upright for easy viewing. It can also be used as a smart cover for added protection inside a backpack, plus a built-in holder for the Apple Pencil allows you to work faster and more efficiently, while storing it safely and conveniently when not in use.

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