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C&G Chief Says Games Are Superb Opportunity For Training In Britain

Chris Humphries CBE, Director-General of City & Guilds believes in the Olympic Games are a superb opportunity for Britain to showcase its unique talents and skills, ranging from sporting prowess to excellence in construction, engineering, catering, leadership, management and other areas. “City & Guilds strongly believes that securing the Olympics provides great opportunities for individuals who are currently at a disadvantage in the labour market,” said Humphries.

He said that the Olympics will lead to a sustainable improvement in the future job and career opportunities for support staff and volunteers at the 2012 Games. Humphries believes that this will be possible if the training that these individuals receive is “aligned to recognized industry standard qualifications and accepted by employers once the Olympics have finished.”

Humphries confirmed that City & Guilds, whose charitable remit is to provide access to training and education to the wider community, is committed to delivering the relevant skills that are needed to effectively host the 2012 Games.

To achieve this, City & Guilds strives to play an integral part in developing the skills and training framework for all service and support jobs at the Olympics and is currently opening discussions with the relevant Sector Skills Councils, Learning Skills Councils, training providers and quality colleges.

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