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Catering and hospitality

Catering and hospitality

This section summarises the occupations that have been added and removed from the Catering and Hospitality occupational map as a result of the consultation and responds to additional comments that were submitted.

Breakdown of respondents

catering response graph

 Summary of responses

Respondents proposed an additional occupation for inclusion on the map and, after analysis, the following occupation has been added:

  • Pastry Chef (Level 3)

The following occupations were proposed for inclusion; however, Institute and route panel analysis concluded that they were likely to be covered by existing apprenticeship standards, or those under development:

  • Craft Butcher and Craft Baker
  • Licensed Retail Member/ Supervisor
  • Barista Supervisor
  • Meeting, Convention and Event Planner

Further comments

All responses highlighted that there should be a mix of apprenticeship and College learning options for this route, to reflect learner preferences, noting that Colleges can provide simulated work environments.

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