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CBI Scotland responds to 2018 Higher results

CBI Scotland comments on results day for young people across Scotland.

CBI Scotland Director, Tracy Black said:

“Students across Scotland should be congratulated for demonstrating talent and hard work in achieving good grades and setting themselves on a path to further study or entering the workforce.

“For those young people that don’t receive the grades they were hoping, the message is clear – do not despair, there are many ways to build a successful career. While universities do a fantastic job, they aren’t the only route to a high skilled, high paying job.

“Businesses across Scotland are always on the lookout for candidates that value determination and capacity to learn on the job. In fact, the majority of companies tell us that attitude and aptitude far outweigh formal qualifications when it comes to crucial hiring decisions.

“Overall the pass rate remains in line with the previous year, which shows a good level of consistency, and it’s pleasing to see a continued improvement in maths results – particularly as we know how important it is to encourage young people to take-up STEM subjects.”

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