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Celebrating Seasoned Cookery School’s 10th Birthday with Community Cookery Days

Here at Seasoned Cookery School, we couldn’t be more excited. We turn ten years old in 2020 – where has the time gone? We have had such working with our clients and learning how to create the best experiences. As a sign of our continued gratitude for your support, we want to offer ten free days for groups to experience our cookery school too.

Nominate your group today

When we talk about giving away free days at our cookery school, we mean you and your group. We think our cookery school is perfect for university students. There are lots of reasons to believe this. University students, especially freshers, are likely living away from home for the first time. It might be the first time these newbies have to cook for themselves. A diet of takeaway and the odd pot noodles will be fine for a while. However, soon people need nutrients – and nutrients on a budget.

Food is an excellent way of boosting your learning capacity too. What we put into our bodies directly impacts how well it performs. So, if all you eat is junk, your brain is going to get pretty sluggish. A day in the Seasoned Cookery School kitchens could be just what you need to learn to feed yourself well on a budget.

But we think you will want to nominate your student group because it is a fantastic social event. When you cook and eat together, there is a special kind of bonding. You rely on each other when a kitchen-based disaster is imminent and then you celebrate together when the meal turns out to be wonderful. Imagine if you collect all the people in your student dorm and come on a cooking experience. The shared meals you could enjoy for the rest of the year could become legendary!

We design your day for you

Your day in our kitchens can be designed in whatever way you want. If you are interested in learning to cook vegan food, or food that is more sustainable for the planet, we can organise this. If you are intrigued by learning to cater to big parties, we can imagine up a day that would be perfect. We have lots of experience of working with other groups to help us shape your ideal experience.

We held a fantastic event for injured service people and their families. The aim of the day was purely social; bringing together people with similar experiences so no one felt alone. When you are new to university or new to a group, it is great to come together for a team bonding exercise. It can make life so much easier going forward when you have met like-minded people.

Then, there was our day with the Teenage Cancer Trust. We were keen to make this a special day – though really our clients brought the event to life. The primary focus was on producing meals that would aid faster recovery. However, our audience wanted crowd-pleasing recipes. They wanted food that would wow them and that is what we delivered.

Ultimately, we aim to mix education with enthusiasm. Our work with primary and secondary schools showed how this could easily be brought together. We arranged a Junior Bake-Off competition – with a masterclass from a Bake-Off finalist. The energy in the kitchen was intense as the participants fought for the coveted title of the overall winner.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. It really is as good as it sounds. You can nominate your group for a free day in our kitchens. You will experience a sense of togetherness and learn some fundamental skills for life. Not only do we provide all the expertise and equipment, but we also offer all your ingredients. What does this mean? Well, you get a free meal too! What self-respecting group of students could pass up that opportunity?

There are only two things you have to do if you are allocated one of the ten days. You need to organise your group of between 12 and 18 people. We will cater for anyone over eight years old. If you need help recruiting people, we can provide images and recipes to help get people talking.

Then, you need to get yourself to our base of operations, which is set in the grounds of the Catton estate. This is easy to access from the M6, M1 or A50. We will even provide free parking.

If, after the event, you could publicise how enjoyable the experience was – maybe for your student newsletter or the university website – we would be grateful.

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