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Chairman of MiddletonMurray launches iwant2ba, the first free careers podcast

Angela Middleton, Chairman of apprenticeships and training provider MiddletonMurray

Angela Middleton, Chairman of apprenticeships and training provider MiddletonMurray, today announces the launch of iwant2ba, a free podcast series that provides real-life careers advice to young people, parents and teachers. 

Addressing concerns over the cost and quality of careers advice head-on, iwant2ba goes through an A-Z of career options that are relevant to listeners of any age – the first free series of its kind.

From an accountant to a doctor, MP and a videographer, Angela encourages professionals from a wide range of fields to share their experience, inspirations and how they got to where they are now.

Angela set up MiddletonMurray when she was 39 and is passionate about encouraging people to stay curious and open to career changes, regardless of their age.

iwant2ba has launched on iTunes with 17 free podcasts immediately available to download here:

Angela Middleton, Chairman and founder of MiddletonMurray, said: “I noticed a real gap in the careers advice that young people receive at school. There are so few dedicated specialists that can provide good-quality career support. I created iwant2ba to provide free, helpful and varied advice to people across the UK who are looking for guidance and inspiration to take the next step in their career.”

These include MP James Brokenshire, who describes how he entered politics. His biggest piece of advice is that: 

any work experience, even if it is not in your field of work you want to be in, is so valuable

Also interviewed is scientist, Mike Gee, who discusses further education options at length:

A degree isn’t a necessity. You can build your career from an apprenticeship. One ex-colleague started as an apprentice in the lab and now works trackside for a Formula One team.

A total of 28 podcasts will be available at between now and December, and listeners can look forward to hearing from experts in sectors as diverse as fashion, construction and politics.

About MiddletonMurray: Founded in 2002, MiddletonMurray is a multi-award-winning recruitment and training solutions provider with locations across the UK. Angela Middleton has facilitated thousands of young people to move into their dream job, whether a first job or a move up the career ladder. Providing training and career guidance for young people has proved to be a highly successful market for MiddletonMurray, but the company also prides itself on its ability to help companies find the perfect employee or apprentice, and help those already in work to move up the career ladder.

Angela is also the author of ‘How To Get Your First Job…And Build the Career You Want’, a guide for 16 to 24 year olds on how to choose the right career, get their first job, excel within that job and quickly progress in the role

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