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City College Plymouth Offers Crucial Guidance to Parents on Post-16 Education Choices

City College Plymouth is set to host a live online Information Session for Parents, providing vital support and clarity on post-16 education choices.

Recognising the challenges faced by teenagers and their parents during this crucial stage, the College has taken a significant step to demystify the array of educational pathways available after GCSEs.

The session, scheduled for Thursday 18 January at 6.00pm, aims to empower parents with comprehensive information, enabling them to effectively guide their teenagers towards a suitable educational path. A recent study revealed that 27% of parents feel under-informed about post-16 education options, often relying on personal experiences rather than current information. This session is a direct response to this gap, offering a platform for informed decision-making.

Ben Manning, Executive of Curriculum, Quality and Student Experience at the College, explained:

“In these critical years, accurate and comprehensive information is key. This session is designed to guide, inform, and empower families to make decisions that are right for them, whatever that may look like.

“We recognise that teens and their parents are often at a crossroads during this stage, faced with many choices but little guidance on how to proceed. We are here to support parents and teens, ensuring that every decision is informed and confident. It’s all about building a foundation for success, where each teen can thrive in an environment that best suits their ambitions and abilities.”

The online session will include a comprehensive overview of post-16 options in the city, an introduction to careers advice and guidance, as well as specialised guidance for high-needs students. Notably, the session will also delve into Apprenticeships, a pathway increasingly recognised for its opportunities and growth potential.

Parents and carers are encouraged to join the online session to gain insights into the diverse educational options available in the city. For more details on how to tune in, please visit here

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