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City College Plymouth’s Hair & Day Spa Gets a Business Boost

City College Plymouth’s (@cityplym) on-site Hair & Day Spa, Stars, has recently celebrated the appointment of two Business Development Managers, Rachel Brown and Kiah Matthews. Their addition marks a significant step towards establishing the salon as a leading business entity in the city, contributing to the local economy of Plymouth while providing real-world experience for College hair and beauty students.

Having studied beauty at City College herself, Kiah has been familiar with the ins and outs of the beauty industry for a number of years, having progressed on to working as a make-up artist for MAC Cosmetics and then becoming a self-employed lash technician.

Rachel has spent her professional life in the hair industry, with a portion of it teaching at the College. With a combined 40 years’ experience in the hair and beauty industry, Rachel and Kiah are well-equipped to drive the salon’s growth and ensure high standards of practice for the general public and College students.

Since their appointments in March, Rachel and Kiah have been dedicated to revitalising the salon in a variety of ways. From creating effective marketing collateral and promoting new offers to internal and external audiences, the message is clear – Stars Hair & Day Spa is more than just a training facility.

“We’ve been working hard to really cater the Stars Hair & Day Spa offer to the public. June will see the beginning of our new opening hours where we’ll open on Saturdays, and we also offer a late night on a Wednesday during the week, ensuring we’re accessible to all,” said Rachel.

“We employ a range of qualified beauty therapists and hair stylists who work alongside our students who are training, to make sure our clients have the opportunity to opt for a more experienced professional should they wish. But, no matter if it’s a student or a professional stylist, each and every one of our clients are given a luxury experience from the moment they set foot in the door.”

The new venture speaks to the College’s health and active wellbeing strategic action, where we’re leading the way – both in terms of training the workforce of the future, and working collaboratively across the region for our community to encourage health and wellness. To deliver the true potential of the College and to create a culture of opportunity we have to invest in the people who will make this happen. This includes our students, staff and the wider community. 

The reignition of Stars Hair & Day Spa reflects our commitment to seamlessly integrate classroom learning with industry placements, ensuring that learning happens in the situations and at the times that create the greatest impact on our community. 

Hayley Loveridge, Curriculum Lead & Development Officer for Hair & Beauty, said of the development:

“At Stars Hair & Day Spa, we believe in the transformative power of hair, beauty and wellness. We are thrilled to welcome two new highly skilled hair and beauty professionals to our team. Together, we’re working to bridge the gap in Plymouth – offering not just a sanctuary where clients can indulge in luxury and rejuvenation, but also a dynamic environment for our students to hone their skills alongside industry professionals. Here’s to creating a brighter, more beautiful world – one pampered client and talented student at a time!”

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