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Clarity Business Travel Invest in Training with Damar


Clarity Business Travel (@Clarity_BT) offer a brighter approach to business travel, through their commitment towards customer service and the fundamental investment in their training. (@DamarTraining)

They have been working with Damar Training, offering a successful apprenticeship programme, since 2014. By establishing an excellent long-term working relationship, Clarity have been able to recruit individuals ready to start their career and develop them to become successful business travel consultants, as well as progress existing members of the team to take on wider responsibilities.

Their commitment to investing in their teams in order to benefit the wider business is bucking the trend of many companies within the travel industry. Even with the disruption of the last 12 months, Clarity have recently signed up 12 employees onto a management apprenticeship, with a further two employees to be signed up onto an assistant accountant qualification. Their next phase will involve even further training investment across the business to develop their employees.

Clarity value apprenticeship training, as they see the impact that it has, beyond simply providing a qualification. Apprenticeships develop employees’ behaviours and skills, as well as knowledge. This allows individuals to grow and become more confident in their role, which raises the calibre of the individual, team and entire business. Clarity’s experience is that apprenticeship training generates fresh energy and ideas, which has a positive impact on staff morale and customer service.

Working closely with Damar Training, Clarity have been able to adapt and develop their apprenticeship programme to suit their specific business needs. The flexibility that apprenticeship standards and Damar provide, mean that they can apply a blended training delivery model, which develops individuals at the right pace. They have previously recruited new members to the team using the travel consultant apprenticeship.

“We highly recommend adopting an apprenticeship programme within your business, as they not only embed themselves as valuable members of the team but also mature into role models for the next generation. Since we first adopted the scheme, our apprentices continue to demonstrate our values by listening, adapting and delivering to our client needs.”

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