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Collab Group has published a new report “Colleges supporting economic recovery”

Ian Pretty, Collab Group

Today, Collab Group (@collabgrp) is publishing “Colleges supporting economic recovery.” The report has been produced in collaboration with Collab Group members and strategic partners, including EMSI, the Institute of Employability professionals, Sheffield College, Activate Learning and City of Bristol College.

The report examines three core areas where colleges can increase employment support and economic mobility. These areas are:

  1. The establishment of Skills and jobs hubs 

The report proposes the creation of: “Skills and Jobs” hubs. These would be “pop up” centres where local populations could access a range of advice and support services to support them into employment. Colleges would rent out their space to local JCPs to provide a community-based hub in which DWP work coaches could provide employment support services directly from college campuses. Through this model, local JCP’s can leverage the physical estates of colleges and increase the capacity of services.

  1. The delivery of an enhanced training and upskilling offer

At the heart of the college offering is a commitment to help people gain skills that will help them to enter new, long term employment opportunities. However, there are additional flexibilities that are needed to ensure that colleges can adapt their curriculum and attract funding for provision that aligns with demand. The report identifies several initiatives, including Kickstart, traineeships, and apprenticeships where colleges will be integral to deliver on the Government’s economic agenda. Going further, the report also identifies specific examples of training flexibilities to support higher-growth industries.

  1. Job placement and employment-related support

The third and final stage relates to the role that colleges can play in placing job seekers into work placements and job opportunities. By building on the work that they already do as part of Sector Based Work Academy Programmes, colleges can help employers recruit and identify a pipeline of talent in anticipation of a broader economic recovery.

Ian Pretty, Chief Executive of Collab Group, said on the launch of the report: 

“We are delighted to publish this report that sets out a clear vision for colleges in supporting economic recovery efforts. Colleges will be integral to delivering on the ambitions announced by the Chancellor yesterday and help to set us on the path to economic recovery. We have identified practical recommendations for how colleges can enhance their offer to local job seekers and look forward to working with our members, strategic partners and Government to take these ideas forward.”

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