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CONEL student Stephanie is reaching new heights with Travel and Tourism

Despite the sad end of Thomas Cook this week, the travel and tourism industries are still strong. Almost 38 million tourist visits were made to the UK from overseas in 2018 and with massive – and still growing – Chinese and Indian middle classes eager to see the world, the travel and tourism sectors will continue to be worth working in.

One student entering this exciting industry is Stephanie Badoy. Focused on a career path in aviation either as ground or cabin crew, she found her dream course (Travel and Tourism Level Three) at the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL).

An international student from the Philippines, Stephanie has always wanted to be cabin crew or work in an airport, so she searched high and low to find the perfect course to enable her to do this and was thrilled to be accepted onto the Travel and Tourism course at CONEL. It was a challenging start as Stephanie was very nervous, but thanks to the supportive atmosphere at the college, Stephanie made friends quickly and soon relaxed into her course.


Stephanie said, “I found it harder to start with, the teachers helped by explaining things to me. As an international student, at first I was very nervous but then when I got to know my classmates it was easier.

“The best thing about my course is studying. Every day I look forward to the new topics we will discuss. The course has helped me to know about the industry. I am learning about customer service and communications skills. The teachers are very supportive.

“CONEL is better than my other school in the Philippines. In my other school we didn’t really have lots of computers, it was limited but here there are so many. This helps me complete my tasks quickly.”

If, like Stephanie, you are interested in working in the Travel and Tourism industry, you are probably wondering how much you can earn. Completing one of our travel and tourism courses could lead to a job in the following professions: (Annual pay)

  • Air Traffic Control: £79,560
  • Airline Customer Service Agent: £31,720
  • Airport Baggage Handler: £27,560
  • Airport Information Assistant: £25,480
  • Travel Agent: £22,880

The workforce is projected to grow by 0.5% over the period to 2024, creating 200 jobs. In the same period, 35.1% of the workforce is projected to retire, creating 16,500 job openings making it a great time to study a Travel and Tourism course here at CONEL

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