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Could Property Investment Provide a Solution to Studying Without Debt?

Bronwen Vearncombe, Director of Property Investing Foundation

Bronwen Vearncombe, Director of Property Investing Foundation, a company which offers training courses and webinars on how to make an income from property, thinks so. “, There’s no doubt that renting whilst at university can be a big cost drain! Especially if bills are not included in the rent.”

Whilst not an option for everyone, Bronwen suggests: “, A sensible investment can be for a parent (or indeed a mature student) with enough funds to pay a deposit on a buy to let property- usually 25% – would be to buy a larger property and rent the other rooms to pay the mortgage. Depending on the area, and a lot of due diligence is needed, there could be a profit to be made too.”

Bronwen advocates The Bank Of Mum and Dad or savings before taking on a property investment with a fellow student: “, I wouldn’t advise doing joint mortgages just in case you fall out with a friend, or they leave for some reason.”

Owning a property and becoming, de facto, a landlord carries other considerations: “To get the balance right, there is a lot to learn about the rules and regulations that abound. Proper contracts need to be in place – for this, I’d advocate using a qualified lettings agent, there’s also insurance, and of course, the cost of providing furnishing can be expensive too.  But it’s definitely possible to make this work.”

And the positives? A passive income, leaving you free to concentrate on studying – or even a future career. Bronwen concludes: “It could turn out to be a longer-term investment as it could be let for years to come- especially if it’s in a good area with high demand.”

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