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Dave’s practical lessons keep Borders College students on course

Teaching continues to evolve @BordersCollege, with lecturers adapting to the changes and utilising new technologies to deliver lessons.

Land-based Engineering lecturer Dave Black has been doing just that by producing a series of tutorial videos from his home in Newtown St Boswells.

A practical lesson on CPR was produced, with the use of a defibrillator, to keep students progressing in their studies.

With first-aid being a vital part of the curriculum at College, Dave set up a mock ATV accident with the use of a dummy. Resuscitation techniques were recorded and uploaded to Microsoft Sway to allow students to access from their homes.

Covid-19 measures from the British Heart Foundation were also taken into consideration, which states:

“It is recommended that you do not perform rescue breaths or mouth-to-mouth ventilation; perform chest compressions only. Compression-only CPR or in use a resuscitation face shield where available. If possible a defibrillator should be used.”

The additional learning materials allow students to demonstrate that they have a good understanding of CPR and what procedures are required for assessments.

Dave commented:

“These are challenging times and the need to keep our students engaged and on course is important. The practical demonstrations are key and, if I’m honest, quite enjoyable, and helps keep students on board.

“I have even suggested on our Teams catch-ups for them to post a video of them doing CPR on a pillow.”

Dave is part of a growing number of lecturers finding new and innovative ways to deliver their lessons, allowing the students to progress throughout the lockdown.

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