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De Montfort University investigation: Statement and detailed action plan

In February 2019, the Office for Students (OfS) initiated a formal investigation into matters at De Montfort University.

This related to information provided to the OfS by the university and by whistle blowers, and the appropriateness of actions subsequently taken by the university.

This investigation involved the use of our statutory powers to require information from the university to facilitate a detailed and thorough investigation.

Our investigation identified a number of issues which caused concern.

We found weaknesses and failings in the university’s management and governance arrangements which were significant and systemic.

As a result of our investigation, the university has today published a statement and a detailed action plan, setting out how it has addressed these deficiencies, including actions it has already taken.

Given the university’s cooperation with the investigation, the action it has already taken to address our concerns, and its clear plan for future actions, we have not made any formal findings on this occasion. We have now closed our investigation. We will continue to monitor the university’s progress to deliver the commitments in its action plan.

Susan Lapworth, director of competition and registration at the Office for Students, said:

‘Ensuring that there are effective management and governance arrangements in all higher education providers is an essential component of the OfS’s regulatory approach. It is in the interests of students and taxpayers that universities and colleges are well run and the OfS will use the full range of our enforcement powers where necessary to investigate and resolve similar compliance concerns in other universities and other higher education providers.’

De Montfort University’s statement and action plan have been published on their website.

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