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Degreed launches The Shift, an online community for C-Suite, HR, L&D and talent leaders shifting to skills-first talent practices

Skills-first, expert-led community will support business, HR, L&D and talent leaders with practical advice, behind-the-scenes knowledge and challenging discussions.

Degreed, the enterprise platform for skills-first learning, is launching The Shift, an online community that dives deep into the skills-first shift, sharing the stories, ideas, and advice of business leaders working on this transformation right now. The community will unite the current discourse around skills-first organizations, bringing experts and explorers together in a single place to learn from each other, face challenges and unlock opportunities to use learning as the driver for the skills-first transformation. 

Susie Lee, SVP and Client Innovation Officer at Degreed explains,

“As more leaders embrace the skills-first approach in their workforces, there is a clear need for practical, and sometimes challenging, discussions on how to make skills-first organizations a reality via the learning that workforces are doing every day. We designed The Shift community to address this, uniting business, HR and L&D experts in an online space to ask and answer the big questions we all have right now as the world explores skills and learning as the driver of this.”

With  8-in-10 organizations facing immediate skills shortages, the skills-first organization is becoming an attractive solution for leaders who want more responsive and agile workforces. According to Deloitte, early adopters of the skills-first approach are experiencing increased financial performance, are 52% more likely to be innovative, and retain more high performers. To achieve this, however, leaders need to create skills-first strategies that ensure people have the right skills for their roles and business needs throughout their time at an employer.  

The Shift is hosting a unique launch event, To Skill or Not to Skill: An Open Conversation about the Great Debate, with Gina Jeneroux, Future Work and Skills Strategist and former Chief Learning Officer at BMO, Lori Niles-Hofmann, Senior EdTech Transformation Strategist at NilesNolen, and Susie Lee, SVP and Client Innovation Officer at Degreed. This will take place on April 23rd at 12pm ET/ 5pm BST. Attendees will learn more about the skills-first movement across learning and HR, why it is business-critical today, how learning is a critical asset, and the opportunities and challenges to anticipate. 

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