What candidates can expect at the assessment centre, including electronic device use and behavioural guidelines.

Detailed guidance on preparing for the assessment is available. This includes:

  • the knowledge assessment components
  • the simulated practice assessment components

Invitation to the assessment centre

You can only do the assessment if you’ve been practice endorsed. You should talk to your NAAS lead or line manager to decide whether you’re ready to take the assessment.

They can help you get access to the NAAS platform where you can book a session at an assessment centre.

A list of NAAS early adopter sites is available.

Location of assessment centres

Our assessment centres are located throughout England.

You should book an assessment day as soon as you are practice endorsed so you have a better chance of attending your preferred location.

Assessment centres are run by a third party, Mott MacDonald.

Documents you must bring

You will not be allowed to do the assessment if you do not bring both of these documents.

You must bring:

  • a form of photo ID
  • confirmation of your health and care professions council (HCPC) number

What to expect

This section is about what will happen at the assessment centre.

Electronic devices

You cannot take any electronic devices into the assessment, including:

  • mobile phones
  • tablets
  • laptops
  • smart watches

A facilitator will ask you turn off your devices and hand them in for safekeeping. Your devices will be held securely and returned to you after the assessment.

Arrival time

You must arrive at the assessment centre least 15 minutes before your start time. You may not be able to take the assessment if you arrive late.


The assessment lasts about 4 hours.


All sessions take place on the same day.

There are 3 separate sessions on each day. These take place in the:

  • morning
  • late morning
  • early afternoon

Breaks and refreshments

You’ll get regular breaks throughout the assessment. We aim to provide a longer break before you take your written assessment.

Food and drink will be provided on site.

Behavioural guidelines

You may be asked to leave the assessment for:

  • suspected cheating
  • disrupting another candidate’s assessment
  • other concerning behaviour, even if it’s not disrupting other candidates

People present at the assessment

You may find it helpful to know who’ll be present at the assessment. These groups are listed below.


Assessors will be registered child and family social workers. They’ll have recent and relevant practice experience.

You can get more information about assessors once you’ve been practice endorsed and registered on the NAAS platform.


Actors will be present for the simulated practice part of the assessment.

Candidate numbers

There may be between 3 and 6 other social workers taking the assessment at the same time as you. We’ll assess a maximum of 18 social workers on each assessment day.

Help for candidates

Facilitators at the assessment centre will answer any questions you have on the day.

Your NAAS lead can answer any questions you have before you go for your assessment.

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