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Digital Ready For Work Passport Set To Be Unveiled Following £30k Donation By The Nottingham

A digitised version of a ‘passport’ that helps young people prepare for the world of employment will launch this month thanks to a £30,000 donation by The Nottingham. 

The ThinkForward charity’s Ready for Work (R4W) Passport app allows post-16s to evidence work-readiness in areas such as preparing a CV, interview practice, opening a bank account, volunteering experience and demonstrating email and telephone skills. 

Young people who create an online R4W account can track their progress in those areas, as well as having access to the helpful careers support and resources available within The Nottingham’s Career Academy

The R4W Passport will be further developed next year to include more external careers content and resources, the functionality to upload a CV to the platform and a passport completion certificate that can be used in job applications and interviews. 

Lukas, 16, took part in a focus group that tested the app and provided feedback, and was impressed with what he experienced and the viability of the digital R4W Passport as a vehicle to employment. 

He said:

“The passport is easy to navigate and helps you have something to prepare you for higher education or your career, and to track your progress. It will help me prepare for the world of work because having an updated, good CV is really important too.” 

Some of the young people involved in ThinkForward projects in Nottingham – all of whom will have access to the R4W passport soon – joined Progression Coaches and The Nottingham’s Head of People and Development, Anne Leivers, at a VIP event to celebrate the passport. 

Held at the National Ice Centre, the home of the Nottingham Panthers ice hockey team, the group enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch the Panthers players train and took part in a careers-based Q&A session with Director of Hockey Gui Doucet and club support staff. 

Anne explained:

“It was a really inspiring event and extremely valuable for the young people as it gave them a unique opportunity to ask questions and receive valuable, real-world, careers advice against the exciting and inspiring world of sport.  

“We also discussed the digital Ready for Work passport that our donation has helped bring to life and it was fantastic to hear such enthusiasm for it. 

“It’s been really well received and it’s great to hear that the young people who have helped to pilot it as well as those who will access it soon are excited about how it will aid their employment aims and ambitions, whatever career paths they ultimately decide to take.” 

ThinkForward’s Development Manager Aimee Pickering added:

“We’re really excited about the app, which will empower young people to take ownership of their Ready for Work passports – enabling them to see and track their progress. 

“It will support young people as they prepare for the world of work and strengthen our digital capabilities as an organisation. Our partnership with The Nottingham is inspiring young people’s career goals. Events like the day at Panthers encourage young people to see how their skills can be applied to a range of work settings, such as through business roles within sport.”

Later this month the R4W Passport will be rolled out to 325 participants across the country involved in ThinkForward’s FutureMe and MoveForward programmes, ahead of being available to more young people in 2022 and beyond.    

As well as facilitating the R4W Passport, The Nottingham’s £30,000 donation means 300 young people aged 13-18 taking part in ThinkForward’s five-year coaching programme in six secondary schools in Nottingham* can undertake R4W programme activities, including business mentoring and digital confidence sessions.  

*The Bulwell Academy, Bluecoat Beechdale Academy, Nottingham University Samworth Academy (NUSA), The Wells Academy, Nottingham Academy and Ellis Guilford. 

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