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Does technology hold the key to the future of education?

Rene Buhay, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at AVer Europe

Rene Buhay, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at AVer Europe, the award-winning provider of education technology solutions, writes about how schools and colleges can ensure the best use technology in a post-pandemic environment.

Will the education industry be dominated by distance learning?

Will it include a hybrid mixture of in-class and online learning?

Technology and flexibility will be the key to success in the education world.

Flexible Budgeting

Schools will need to be flexible with their budgets. Some schools may have a large budget allocated for high-tech capability. Whatever the situation, there’s always a way to ensure students have access to cutting-edge learning environments.

There are AI-enabled distance learning tracking cameras, such as AVer’s DL30, which when combined with the latest wireless visualisers like the AVer M70W, bring a truly in-class feeling to remote students in online or hybrid formats.

Flexible Formatting

Technology makes it possible to tailor education to individuals like never before. While every student must learn the same information, there’s no need for them to learn it the same way and at the same speed.  Broadcasting, streaming and recording have never been this easy.  Today, AVer’s PTZ cameras have auto tracking and livestreaming capabilities which enable anyone to perfectly capture content without hiring a professional AV technician, saving time, energy and money.

Schools must find ways to keep students who learn quickly engaged while slower learners get up to speed. Software solutions are helpful for this, giving teachers a multitude of options for setting self-learning assignments. Fast-paced students can work ahead, freeing up educators to work with others.

Auto tracking cameras enable instructors to move around and teach like they would if their students were in the room, making online sessions engaging.

Flexible Teaching

Teachers should be trained to innovate, finding apps and devices that will best suit their students’ needs. Teachers need to be flexible and must be able to adapt from in-class to online teaching. They must be ready to welcome students learning from home into hybrid classes without watering down content.

Education technology is booming, and new solutions are constantly being developed. Ask the experts who can help you implement your new technology to ensure future success. 

Rene Buhay, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at AVer Europe

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