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Dremel DigiLab unveils first 3D printer designed for school environment

Dremel DigiLab 3D45, the first 3D printer designed for school

Dremel DigiLab has unveiled its latest 3D Printer, the 3D45, in the UK for the first time.

Launched at the bett show in January 2018, the 3D45 has been designed with the school environment in mind.

The printer is easy to use, has advanced safety features, comes with a suite of software created specifically for students and is available at a price schools can afford.

Importantly, the printer can also use three different types of filament that work for beginners through to more advanced users, including an environmentally friendly, plant-based plastic, PLA.

3D printers are fast becoming essential equipment for UK schools, because of their dual function helping young people develop the skills they will need in the modern world, where 3D printing is a tool used in many industries from engineering to health care, and as a teaching aid that helps bring lessons to life.    

Safe and easy to use

Unlike other 3D printers, the 3D45 has been tailored for use in schools and colleges to allow students to bring their creative visions to life. Turn on the 3D45 and it is ready to go, with intuitive instructions and a construction that can cope with hours of continuous use.

The 3D45’s unique fully enclosed see-through chamber means that students can safely watch as their design takes shape. Meanwhile two integrated filter systems protect users from dust and fumes released during the printing process.

New features

The new model can print in three different types of material at a high resolution of 50 µm and it automatically recognises filament and adjusts printer settings, making it straightforward to use different types of filament:

  1. Beginners: The printer can use PLA – an established, environmental-friendly, plant-based plastic that is easy to use and ideal for students
  2. Experienced: More experienced users can use the heat-resistant Eco-ABS
  3. Advanced: Other advanced users can also use nylon.

The printer’s integrated camera also means students and teachers can monitor and control multiple printers from anywhere.

John Kavanagh, Global President, Dremel said:

“3D printers have become an essential teaching tool as the world’s economies gear to the needs of the next industrial revolution. The Dremel DigiLab suite provides the tools and range to inspire children and give them the skills they’ll need for the workplace of the future. The DigiLab 3D45 is the first 3D printer designed to perfectly suit the school environment. It combines simplicity of use and reliability with the capacity to produce advanced designs at a price that schools can afford.”

Michael Miller, Technology and Computer Science Teacher, Otsego Public Schools, USA & Dremel 3D Ambassador said:

“The integration of 3D printing into the classroom, from design and technology to history, inspires students. The Dremel Digilab 3D printing product suite is perfect for introducing children to the basics of 3D design and printing, and enabling them to develop their skills from starting school to heading to university. 3D printing is a great way to close the disconnect between the skills we teach in the classroom and the world of work.”

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