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Speedy Chief People Officer Ellie Armour joins Jack Parsons and Leon Marseglia on ‘My Duvet Flip’  

Earlier this week, Ellie Armour, the Chief People Officer at Speedy, met with Youth Group CEO Jack Parsons and COO Leon Marseglia for an interview for ‘My Duvet Flip’, aimed at inspiring young people to thrive in the world of work.  

Speedy is the UK’s leading tool and equipment hire services company, with over 200 depots all across the country and have recently become a Youth Verified® partner, showing their commitment to attracting and nurturing the best young talent. Ellie is an extremely experienced professional in the fields of HR and Marketing, having previously held major positions at SPIE UK and DHL, with so much wisdom that young people can learn from. Ellie and Speedy recognise that there are loads of opportunities open to young people but this can be difficult to navigate and businesses need to do more to help the youth take that first step.  

‘My Duvet Flip’ is a Youth Group original Youthcast hosted by Jack Parsons, which started in lockdown to try and help young people find the motivation to flip their duvet and be the best possible version of themselves. Since the launch of Season 2 just over two weeks ago, the first spotlight, featuring Jacqueline Gold CBE, Chair at Ann Summers, Greg Jackson, Founder of Octopus Energy, and Roger Saul, Founder of Mulberry has got over 100,000 views.  

Following her visit, Ellie said on LinkedIn how she

“really enjoyed meeting Jack Parsons and Leon Marseglia, filming for Jack’s second season of ‘My Duvet Flip’, as well as how “stepping out of her comfort zone to talk about how we can attract more young people in the hire industry was worth the nerves and reminded me how difficult it is for young people to face into employment for the first time”.  

Jack Parsons, the UK’s Chief Youth Officer, says

‘it was really enjoyable spending time with a forward thinking people leader who deeply cares about the future of young people’. Leon Marseglia, COO of Youth Group adds ‘it’s exciting to be able to share perspective from one of our amazing Youth Verified partners who are doing amazing things when it comes to overcoming youth cultural blindspots in their industry and organisation’. 

It is so refreshing to see important business leaders like Ellie Armour working together with Youth Experts like Jack Parsons and Leon Marseglia to make a difference in the lives of young people. The more we see big companies like Speedy get involved with strategic partnerships like Youth Verified®, the more young people we will see in meaningful employment. 

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