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Empowered Youth Launch Event Praised by Students, College and Presenters

The launch of the Empowered Youth platform in East London on the weekend drew praise from Waltham Forest College students and staff as well as the high-profile presenters who inspired and guided the audience on how to achieve fulfilling lifestyles and careers.

Introduced to the United Kingdom by Pride Factor, the South African based life skills academy dedicated to ‘Inspiring Young Minds’, comprised two motivational workshops, delivered on the 9th for young people (16-19) and on the 10th for adult learners (19+).

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“The Empowered Youth Event was the total embodiment of our vision at the College, which is Inspiring learners to create their future,” said Dr Joy Kettyle, the Principal and CEO of Waltham Forest College.

“We believe in investing in our students’ experience as well as their academic success, and therefore decided to partner with Pride Factor to deliver this highly energetic experience, which encourages our young and adult learners to broaden their aspirations, identify their passions and fulfil their purpose. We look forward to further collaborations with Pride Factor.”

The workshops addressed themes such as Financial Literacy, Critical Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Emotional Intelligence and Super Human Skills, presented in conjunction with several business gurus and motivational speakers from the Greg Secker Foundation, Wealth Dragons, Assets for Life, Win Investing, Jet Set Speaker and Left Click Right Click.

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“Great to serve at the Empowered Youth event,” said business tycoon Greg Secker, who presented his latest skills-development talk titled ‘Becoming Superhuman’.

“Proud to be a sponsor and contributor to what started as a dream in South Africa with the Inspired Youth programme. That has now grown beyond the 50,000 young people we have served abroad and starts its campaign to change the lives of young people on home turf.”

Student Carolina Lunga attended the workshop for young people on Saturday and was excited because she saw it as a huge opportunity.

She said: “The workshop provided me with a path for improving my life. Now I know where to start, how important emotional health is and how it could help me to achieve my goals.”

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Those at the Sunday workshop for young people agreed that the content met their expectations and improved their lives.

Student: Theresa Davidson also commented saying: “I was very inspired and empowered and will spread the good news to friends, my local church and anyone who comes my way about how our past experiences affect our thinking and lives.”

Dene Botha, the MD of Pride Factor, was the Master of Ceremonies for the workshops and introduced all the speakers, including Chris Farrell, co-author of FUNancial Freedom; Millcan CEO Ayo Sage and thriving entrepreneurs Clare Allen from Signature Productions and Nina Clark from Nightire.

“It’s been an incredible journey leading up to the launch of the Empowered Youth project and we’re extremely grateful to our partners from the Success Summit and Wealth Mastery Live events and to the Waltham Forest College for their support,” said Botha.

“We’ve received invaluable insights from the students and will be using their feedback to fine-tune our programmes for the full roll-out of the platform across the United Kingdom during 2020.

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