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Empowering Women Through Code: School of Coding’s Santiago Adventure with the Turing Scheme

Empowering Women Through Code: School of Coding's Santiago Adventure with the Turing Scheme

School of Coding launched first Turing Trip in 2023, followed by a successful second journey to Mumbai!

In an era where technology is reshaping industries, bridging gender gaps in the tech world has become a crucial mission. School of Coding’s Turing Scheme embarked on an inspiring journey to Santiago, Spain. This initiative aimed to empower women by providing them with essential Coding skills and real-life application in conjunction with the C4MW Erasmus project.

The purpose of the trip was to equip women with Coding skills that could open doors to lucrative career opportunities. Through the C4MW Erasmus project, participants didn’t just learn Coding; they learned to apply Coding to real-life job scenarios. The goal was to empower these women to break barriers and establish their presence in any sector.

The participants got hands-on learning, understanding Code in the working world and problem-solving techniques. Guided by experienced mentors, they tackled real-world coding challenges such as Coding for Agriculture and Coding Health Care Systems. This experience was about building confidence, enhancing critical thinking, and fostering teamwork.

One of the project’s remarkable aspects was its focus on gender equality in the tech sector. Women, often underrepresented in Coding and tech-related fields, were given a platform to shine. By nurturing their Coding talents and showing them how to apply these skills to practical jobs, the project aimed to close the gender gap in the tech industry and create a more inclusive environment.

Beyond Coding, the participants were immersed in the vibrant Spanish culture. Exploring Santiago’s charming streets, indulging in traditional Spanish cuisine, and engaging with locals offered a well-rounded experience. The journey went beyond Coding classes; it was an opportunity for personal growth, cultural exchange, and broadening horizons.

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